Why Vinyl?

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Why Vinyl?

When it comes to choosing the flooring for your home the impact of selecting the correct material should not be underestimated. Our luxury vinyl flooring collections authentically replicate the natural beauty of wood and stone but with enhanced durability and are easier to maintain.

All our products have been designed to withstand the demands of busy households so your floor will continue to look great for years to come.

Types of flooring

The Polyflor at Home portfolio consists of three different formats of flooring; tiles, interlocking tiles and sheet flooring. The type of flooring you select affects the process your professional fitter will use to install your floor and the overall appearance once your floor is laid.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Luxury Vinyl Tiles are provided as individual planks and tiles that are adhered to your subfloor. LVT can be laid in simple straight patterns or in more complex layouts incorporating inlay strips and decorative borders. The beauty of selecting a Luxury Vinyl Tile for your home is the increased versatility in designs you can achieve. You can personalise your floor, mix and match shades within the same collection and cut tiles to produce different effects.

Interlocking Vinyl Tiles (LOC)

Like LVT, Interlocking Vinyl Tiles are provided as individual planks and tiles, however LOC flooring includes an inbuilt locking mechanism which joins the tiles together. This mechanism eliminates the need for adhesive as the planks or tiles are loose laid over your subfloor. Each plank and tile also comes with a micro bevel effect on all four sides adding subtle depth and detailing to your floor.

Luxury Vinyl Sheet (LVS)

As its name suggests, Luxury Vinyl Sheet is provided in a roll format and is in most instances loose laid for a faster installation time. Beautifully replicating natural materials, luxury sheet vinyl provides warmth and comfort under foot, and reduce impact sound to help minimise noise travelling between rooms.

Design Floors

For those of you wishing to create the wow factor in your home, creating an individual and stylish space is now even easier. Several of our flooring collections can be easily adapted in a number of ways, from simply laying two designs from our LOC collection side by side, to cutting your chosen LVT tiles into different shapes or using inlay accessories.

Whether you are looking to capture the classic charm of herringbone or to push the boundaries of design we have a number of inspirational ideas and solutions for you.

Lay different designs together

Sometimes it's the simplicity of a flooring design that can really enhance a whole interior. Try laying a wood and stone together to create zones, or just mix up shades for an eye catching look.

Using inlay accessories and borders

To add a touch of authentic detailing to your installation and widen the scope of creative designs you can achieve we offer a range of inlay accessories and borders that can be used to highlight room features, create the illusion of larger sized planks and tiles, or add a grouting effect to a tiled floor. The creative combinations and design possibilities are endless.

We have three types of inlay strips, available in 16 colours that have been designed specifically to complement every shade in our LVT collections.

Please note: inlay strips and borders cannot be used with our LOC or LVS collections.

Marquetry Strips

These strips are ideal for laying between wood planks to create designs from ships decking, perimeter borders or just for highlighting a room feature such as a fireplace or island.

Grouting Strips

Typically laid between stone tiles, grouting strips can be utilised to bring an authentic touch to your interior. Versatile in nature they can be used as a subtle close-to-tile colour addition to your floor or you can select a contrasting colour to create a highlighting effect.

Feature Strips

These strips bring a bold look to both planks and tiles. A unique highlight feature strip can offset a whole room.

Cross Grain Marquetry Strip

Running across the natural wood grain, these eye catching strips create a distinct effect when used individually or in varied combinations


Borders can be used in many ways from following the perimeter of your room to highlighting a feature area. Below are some drawings of our most popular designs:

Whole plank designs

The realism and natural effects of our floors alone are enough to make your home look beautiful but if you are after a slightly different effect you can simply take a standard tile or plank from either of our luxury vinyl tile ranges and lay it in any of the patterns below.

Herringbone design with full length planks
Straight laid plank - this can be laid in a formal or staggered pattern
Rectangular tile – full tiles laid herringbone with strip
Square tile - straight laid (or inlaid with strip)
Three square tiles together - can be laid staggered or brickwork

Straight cuts

If you are looking for a more intricate design all our LVT tiles and planks can be cut into halves and thirds to produce a different shape and layout.

Herringbone design (typically third length planks)
Double plank weave
Random width tiles - full, 2/3 and 1/3 tiles (or inlaid with strip)
Off-set keysquare design with strip

Bespoke cutting

If you would like to create a truly bespoke flooring design that adds impact to your interior, then we are here to help you realise your vision. Almost anything is possible with our Waterjet cutting service on hand to support you and your professional installer.

Triple row wood triangles
Half width and half length plank in herringbone design
Straight laid planks - cut in two lengthways
Off-set chevron cut tiles - 2 colours

Inclusive design floors

Both our LVS flooring ranges feature designs that replicate popular flooring layouts such as block parquet, cottage paving and herringbone. These take all the fuss and hassle out of laying a design floor without compromising on style.

Download Design Floor Advice Sheet

More Advice

Still not sure what it is your looking for? Need some further assistance?

We have an expert team of experienced designers on hand to help with any design floor enquiries. Contact us at pahteam@polyflor.com.

About us

Manufacturing in England since 1915

Based in Manchester, England, Polyflor is a leading global vinyl flooring manufacturer with an extensive portfolio of high quality commercial and domestic floor coverings.

At Polyflor we understand it takes more than beautiful high quality products to become experts in home flooring, which is why we pride ourselves on offering technical and customer service as well as a free sampling service.

The foundation of Polyflor's success is our market research and customer focus. We conduct in-depth interior design and trend research when creating new flooring collections, and work closely with our customers to understand their requirements to provide the ideal flooring solution for any installation. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive customer support, and our technical department and design team are on hand to help with any project big or small.

There is always something fun and exciting happening at Polyflor HQ which is why we regularly update all our social media sites with our latest news and installation pictures. We also fill our Polyflor at Home blog with inspirational articles and interior décor ideas to help guide you through the design process, so why not connect with us today.

Polyflor are also fully committed to reducing the environmental impact of our manufacturing operations. For more detailed information about our environmental policies visit our website.

Where to buy

Polyflor have an extensive network of distributors across the globe and our flooring collections are available to buy from all good retailers.

We have a wealth of information, design ideas and installation images available across the Polyflor at Home website that you can save in your own My Favourites section, that you can recall and print out ready for when you discuss your project with your local retailer. If your local flooring retailer does not feature the Polyflor product you would like, don't worry! Our products are available from distributors across the UK that your retailer will be able to order your chosen Polyflor design from.

Should you have any issues finding a local stockist, feel free to email us at pahteam@polyflor.com and we will be happy to help.

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